Just spent about two hours to do a two character fix on an open source project's docs. Mostly env setup and relearning how to do branching and pull requests. github.com/matrix-org/matrix-d

Point No Point Lighthouse

We are about to pass south across the mouth of the Potomac River.

Seen today: Facebook group admin brags about not letting businesses post (advertise) to the group. Then in the next paragraph they announce (advertise) the "solution" of a website where people and businesses can buy/sell/advertise.

So only the group admin is allowed to advertise in the group.

Passing Thomas Point Lighthouse on our way to Solomons, MD. We had a great week in Annapolis.

That comes out to $3/week ($12/month) for digital and $9/week for digital+print. I'm not seeing what's weird about that.

I remember a very rewarding few days at my previous job building templates in Zabbix for polling SNMP data.

Use #gitlab, they said. It’s Free Software, they said. They will respect your privacy. They’re the good ones. #WhereIsMySurprisedFace

In a similar process myself. I've setup Drupal for my blog, Mastodon, TT-RSS, and Matomo so far. More to come!

if apps collected personal data to "improve their service", services would be good by now

Headed north on Delaware Bay. Engine at 2800rpm, speed through water 5.8 knots, speed over ground 7.1 knots. Weak wind but it is giving us about a 0.5 knot boost.

Nextcloud does a lot of stuff, but I think it tries to do too much, which results in mediocre services.

Currently use it for file sync, notes and RSS. Thinking about changing up to something like the pic attached. Thoughts anyone?

Hence walking the dog seems to often cost $50.

Walked the dog (Louise). We wander and almost always find good stuff. Today I found a marine store so got a part for the boat there, then I ate a slice of pizza, then I bought a bag of jerky. Cape May, NJ

I have had an itch to setup some selfhosted stuff for a while now. I suppose I read too much doom and gloom about big tech companies on Hacker News. But I have the skills (barely, it seems at times) so why not do this...


Server for Aaron's use